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2021 Supporters

Note: Official titles are listed for identification purposes only and are not intended to imply organization endorsements.

Renton School Board Directors

Alisa Louie, Current Renton School Board Director

Avanti Bergquist, Current Renton School Board Director

Joy Poff, Former Renton School Board Director

Lynn Desmarais, Former Renton School Board Director

Marcie Maxwell, Former State Representative & Former Renton School Board Director

Pam Teal, Former Renton School Board Director

Stefanie McIrvin, Current Renton School Board Director

Elected Officials & Organizations

King County Democrats

King County Young Democrats

5th & 11th Legislative District Democrats

National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington

Brian Giannini Upton, Mercer Island School Board Director

Lisa Callan, State Representative 5th LD

Lisa Wellman, State Senator, Senate Education Committee Chair

Ryan McIrvin, Renton City Council

Steve Bergquist, State Representative 11th LD

Citizen Support

Angela Marith, Renton

Angie Inoue, Newcastle

BobiJo Hatch, Renton

Charles Seil, Renton

Christel Brown, Renton

Christina Park, Renton

Dana Leavitt, Issaquah

Erin Maxwell, Renton

Erin McKee, Renton

Jaime Kemery, Renton

Jasmine Ines, Renton

Jay Leviton, Retired RSD Career & Technical Education Director

Karen Jones, Renton

Kelli Paddock, Renton

Kristy Baker, Renton

Linda Middlebrooks, Renton

Nicolae Leva, Renton

Nicole Atkins, Renton

Noreen Wurl, Renton

Paul & Dorothy Henry, Renton

Sarah Shero, Renton

Shannon Matson & AJ Johnson, Renton

Suzy Albrecht, Renton/Newcastle

Theresa & Scott Beauchene, Renton

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